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Who are you Being? Is it Time for a Re-brand?

Who are you? I mean who are you 'really'? Not the wife, the Dad, the accountant, the lawyer... not the job you have or the role you play. Who are you in your core? What makes you 'you' when all the identity falls away? We each have a unique gift to give to the world, and THAT is who you are my friend. This includes all the things you perceive as good in yourself and also the things that you may deem negative. Are you able to show your whole self to the world or do you hold some things back for fear of judgment? Know this ... It's ok to be all of who you are. Its ok to be a bit of a control freak, because it means you care. And that random sense of humour you have may not be understood by some, but every time you make just one person laugh you allow them to let go and take life less seriously. We can all filter ourselves and show an avatar of what we think people want, but we deprive them of the gift of knowing the real us. The us that make us beautiful and strange and silly and 'real'. And as we let our authentic selves shine, we give other people permission to do the same. When we liberate ourselves, we liberate others and so it goes ... what we reap we sow. So maybe its time for a rebrand. An opportunity to unveil to the world the real authentic you. Just as a company launching its logo, what you present should sum up what you offer to the world. A chance for you to say 'here I am', standing proud and confident all that you are. The path of self acceptance is the greatest gift of yoga, the realisation what we are incredible individuals in the greatest gift of life.

So I will continue to do crow pose on scooters thank you very much, I will play hiphop music in yoga classes and at the same time talk about the chakra system. I will meditate, I will rock out, I will power up and I will slow down because all of this makes me who I am. Check out my rebranded retreat page 'Soul Tribe Retreats' for retreats in Goa and Ibiza in 2017. See you on the beaches of the world :)

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