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28 Day 
Core Academy

Core Academy is a 28 journey to real core strength. Unlock your body's true potential, whether you want to perfect your chaturanga or work confidently with arm balances. Whatever your personal goal, get ready for a stronger, lighter practice in just 30 minutes a day

Your Journey to Real Core Strength

Picture a practice where chaturanga is easier and your vinyasas are truly flowing. 
A practice that gets you excited, where your new found strength opens your body to welcome arm balances and inversions and allows you to really connect with your breath as you transition slowly and gracefully from asana to asana.

If you're anything like me ...

You're inspired by a practice that feels like meditation through movement. The empowering kind where you feel at the same time light yet strong, powerful yet graceful. This is the duality of yoga at it's most 'embodied'.
Let me get this out of the way now .... there is nothing wrong with striving for more in your yoga practice. Yoga is not about getting fixated on perfecting every asana (which is why it's called a yoga PRACTICE not a yoga PERFECT) but it IS about growth ... spiritual, mental and ... physical. There is something so empowering in witnessing yourself getting stronger and more capable.
Do you find yourself ...
  • Struggling through chaturangas?

  • Feeling clunky, heavy or awkward during transitions?

  • Experiencing back pain that can be aggravated by yoga practice? 

  • Dreaming of being able to practice arm balances and/or inversions?

  • Wanting to get strong. Not just physically but mentally?

  • Lacking the knowledge or skills to be able to build real core strength?  

You are not alone ...

Over and over again I hear the same issues from yogis all over the world which has lead me to develop this programme. 

Imagine if you could ...

Asta Vrkrasana Entry.jpeg
  • Have the strength to effortlessly flow through your yoga practice with grace and ease​

  • Learn the skills and strength needed to practice arm balances and inversions

  • Feel inspired in your practice and excited to get on your mat

  • Build mental strength and a 'can do' attitude! 



Maybe you can relate?

I understand because I've been there too. I found that in yoga classes, teachers rarely had the time to break down proper form and alignment in key asanas. I was often instructed to come into crow pose, or headstand without any cues or it was offered as an 'option' for those who already practiced it. I remember thinking ... how did they learn it if it's not being taught? 


Over the years, a pattern started to emerge. I come from a history of back injuries and I'd go deep into my practice for a while only to get injured or give up on new asanas because I felt 'out of my depth'. I lacked the strength and the knowledge to support my passion for yoga.

The lightbulb moment ...

This didn't just affect my asana practice,  it meant that even sitting in meditation was painful and honestly, if it wasn't for my love of the practice, there were many times when I would have given up.
Honestly, this is one of the main reasons I started teaching retreats 9 years ago. I wanted to take my time guiding students deeper into their practices without the constraints of being tied to a studio. On retreat we spend 2, sometimes 3 hours dissecting key skills, practicing them, refining them, asking questions and getting personalised feedback. 
This approach is the foundation of Core Academy and all of the courses on SoulTribe

A little back story ...

The shift is happening. 2 weeks until I

My name is Jenn. I'm a 39 year old E-RYT500 certified yoga teacher, teacher trainer and soon to be first time mom with a passion for all things yoga! 10 years ago I founded SoulTribe Retreats whilst travelling the world as a yoga teacher, and over 60 international retreats later, our online platform SoulTribe Yoga was born.

As SoulTribe grew to almost 200 students on live retreats each year and hundreds practicing online, I began to notice that the same questions and concerns kept coming up again and again. How do I get a strong core? Why can't I do chaturanga properly? How do I get into headstand/handstand/crow pose? I really struggle to step my foot through from down dog with control!

A couple of years back I made a point of teaching a focused core workshop on the first day of every retreat to help my students get the foundations down and ... WOW ... what a game changer!

Students could see clear progress all the way through retreat week, whether arm balancing for the first time, nailing their handstands and headstands or simply holding their down dogs with ease. This stuff really is the special sauce in all my teaching and I'm delighted to bring it to you online in the comfort of your home. 


Since Core Academy launched in early 2020, the 'wins' I've witnessed firsthand from more than 300 students has been incredible. Yogis of all ages, backgrounds and various levels of experience have literally transformed their yoga practice with our programme ... from ages 18 - 65, all with various levels of experience. 

Back to my personal story ...

Now, as I write this, well over 12 years into my practice (and currently 30 weeks pregnant), I feel stronger than ever. And not just physically... Yes, I now practice 6 days a week pain free, and arm balances and inversions are a joy to practice but it goes so much deeper than that. I feel strong and capable because my body is strong and capable. At (almost) 40 years of age, I'm finally 'in my body' and it feels awesome! 

And here's the kicker ...

True core strength spills into every area of your life.  Connected to the third chakra Manipura, the centre of courage, self esteem and inner strength, your core is the power centre of your entire body, your nucleus and the seat of manifestation. It's where we "get s**t done". So whether you want to stop procrastinating, build your own business, take a big leap of faith, or simply commit fully to your physical health, it's here that we can make it happen. 

Introducing Core Academy ...


Core Academy is a 28 day journey to real core strength. The culmination of 10 years of yoga practice and 3 years of dedicated core strength training specifically for yoga . I've done the hard work so I can cherry pick the best bits for you. There is no longer a need to struggle with your practice due to lack of knowledge, or because you weren't shown how to work towards your goals.

Give me just 30 minutes a day ...

In this four week course, I'll be personally leading you through the practices I use to build a strong core for an elevated yoga practice in just 30 minutes a day.


Here's what you'll get:
  • A fully outlined 28 day calendar so you'll know exactly what to do when

  • 30 minute 'follow along' videos with lots of options for all levels 

  • 5 minute wrist strength and warm up routine

  • Weekly pre-recorded webinars on everything from mindset to anatomy

  • Key exercise breakdowns for L-Sit, Ball presses and more

  • Access to our private Facebook community full of awesome students

A very special offer ...

For a limited time, I'm offering 70% off Core Academy
Now Just $85
(regular price $279)
Course price includes
  • All course materials - pre-recorded classes, tutorials and course calendar
  • Access to our private SoulTribe Academy Facebook community
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the program (including any updates or new content added in the future)

This programme is for you if:
  • You are willing to invest 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week to gain REAL core strength

  • You're excited and open to new ways of working

  • You want to make a real difference in your yoga practice

  • You're willing to work hard and are ready to commit to achieving your goals!


Sue (65), Core Academy alumni

I feel stronger and fitter than I have in years and so much lighter in my yoga practice and as a real bonus, my back pain has completely disappeared. Throughout, the support given by Jenn and the other course members has been invaluable.

This is an absolutely fantastic course and very accessible for all levels. Jenn has put together a skilful mix of drills and flows and although they are initially challenging I can vouch for the fact that at the end of the four weeks you will achieve beyond your expectations! 


Hanna (33), Core Academy alumni

I have looked forward to practicing every day! Jenn has encouraged me to try poses I wouldn't have thought possible. After 4 weeks my chaturanga feels strong and controlled, and an amazing byproduct is sculpted arms and shoulders and beginning to see some muscle definition in my legs.


The amount of work Jenn put into this course is a testament to how much she cares about every one of our yoga practices. Not only did I feel stronger, lighter and more confident by week four but my mindset with everything (on and off the mat) has benefitted. The community support is wonderful and the ongoing care Jenn gave us throughout, and now after we've finished is a real bonus. Thank you Jenn!   

Got questions? ...

Q: Is this course live or can I practice in my own time?
All classes are pre-recorded so you can practice in your own time.  You'll get a downloadable course calendar so you'll know exactly what to practice when. You also have access to our private Facebook community to share your progress and ask questions.
Q: What equipment will I need?
Ideally a yoga mat, two yoga blocks, a stability ball and a pair of socks! If you're a beginner start with a 75cm ball, intermediates can choose 65cm or 55cm but don't go below that. You can always scale down as you get stronger. A stability ball should cost no more than £20. Check out my Amazon recommendations here - Amazon Store
Q: What if I don't have the equipment
No worries! Two heavy books will do for yoga blocks and there will be modifications throughout. For weeks 3 and 4 a stability ball is suggested if you want to really progress but there will be alternative options for all ball exercises if you prefer not to buy one.
Q: Is this programme suitable for beginners?
We recommend that you are able to hold a full plank for 30 seconds to get the most out of this course. There are options all the way through so you can progress at your own level ... be prepared to work hard. If you're unsure of whether Core Academy is suitable, just drop us an email here and we'll be happy to help!
Q: I can't quite hold a full plank or I'm not sure if I'm strong enough
No worries! Start with our '28 Days of Core Yoga Challenge' which has been designed to get you ready for Core Academy. Click on the link above to check it out
Q: How much time do I need to commit?
You’ll practice for 30 minutes a day, 6 times a week for 28 days. You can practice at any time of the day as the classes are pre-recorded. 
Q: Where do I access the course videos?
On our online studio which, once you enrol, you will gain access to. You can bookmark that page in your browser and return to it when you need. All video lessons will happen within the online studio.
Q: I have a question ...
Great! Drop us an email at and we'll be happy to help.

Are you ready?

Click the enrolment link below and let's work together to get your vinyasa flowin'!


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