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28 Day 


This 28 day course is designed to run like a daily mini retreat, taking the transformative power of yoga, meditation, nutrition and mindset work and condensing it into a daily practice that you can break into bite-sized chunks or join together for a truly soul-feeding 'power hour'.

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28 days to a new YOU

The perfect way to begin 2023

With so much uncertainty in the world right now, it's easy to allow our own wellbeing to fall by the wayside. Creating healthy and sustainable habits are so important to live a positive and vibrant life!  
 Join us for a soul feeding 28 day reset to blow the cobwebs away - a truly transformative experience for body, mind and soul awaits.

It's time to begin again

The shift is happening. 2 weeks until I

Get ready for a brand new start ...

It's finally time to put to bed another challenging year. If you're anything like me, you ended 2022 a little depleted and with a few more gray hairs!
These past couple of years have been largely about survival ... physically, emotionally, mentally as we bravely navigate so many changes and have to remain flexible and adaptable.

For many of us, self care has understandably taken a back seat during these difficult times but now is the perfect opportunity to reclaim some time and energy for yourself!

Our 28 Reset is a reflection of this, blending our signature vinyasa flows and short mindful practices to ground and rejuvenate ... guided meditations, mini journalling practices, mindset exercises, soul feeding reading and delicious heart warming recipes created by our new in-house nutritionist.

This course is designed to reset your body, mind and soul in just an hour a day

Time for you ...

This course is based on the concept of the 'power hour'. Short, easy to follow tasks that you can split into mini soulful practices throughout your day or joined together for a truly scrumptious hour long daily ritual

Imagine if you could ...

  • Find time to fit yoga, meditation, mindfulness and healthy eating into your life every single day 

  • Learn powerful new practices to support your soul

  • Feel inspired and open to life's possibilities

  • Fall in love with your practice and build great habits!

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Introducing 28 day Reset ...

Our 28 day Reset is designed to run like a daily mini retreat, harnessing the transformative power of yoga, meditation, nutrition and mindset work and condensing it into a daily practices that you can break into bitesized chunks or join together for a truly soul-feeding 'power hour'.

This time, I'm bringing in nutritionist and coach Alex Rhodes to develop a library of yummy recipes to support our yoga, meditation and mindset practices.

In just 28 days ...'ll create a tool box of practices to support yourself physically, spiritually and mentally. Each week we take a different theme - Recovery, Immunity Energy and Clarity. The practices will build and evolve intelligently during our month


Who is the course for? ...

28 day Reset is for everyone who wants to introduce more positive, soul feeding practices into their life, whether that’s to take some time to relax, work on fitness, eat better, get clear on goals or simply move into a mindset of gratitude. No matter where you are in your practice, this course will help you create amazing new habits and there will be plenty of options for students of all levels throughout the month.


Each day you’ll practice for a total of one hour. You can choose whether to work through all sections one after the other or split the tasks into short, manageable chunks between work, school or family commitments. You can change the order, skip or add practices as you wish to create a really personalized experience. 

All of this will be supported by a library of nutritionist prepared recipes that you can mix and match.


You’ll be able to stay on track with a beautiful downloadable course checklist and you’ll also have access to our private Facebook group to connect with like-minded yogis all over the world.


This 28 day Reset is taken straight from our yoga retreats, designed to give you the very best of our practices and the yummiest of recipes at home. These practices are the cornerstone of SoulTribe's methodology and I can’t wait to share them with you!

28 Day Reset Includes...

  • Daily 30 minute yoga practice with lots of options for all levels

  • Daily 10 minute guided audio meditation

  • Daily 10 minute journalling and mindset task

  • Daily 10 minute inspiring 'tea and reading' break

  • Weekly recipes designed by our NEW in-house nutritionist

  • A weekly curated playlist

  • Four weekly downloadable checklists to keep you on track

  • Membership to our super supportive private Facebook community

Lifetime Access ...

60% OFF


  • All course materials - pre-recorded classes and practices and course checklist
  • A library of nutritionist prepared recipes
  • Access to our private SoulTribe Academy Facebook community
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the program (including any updates or new content added in the future)

This programme is for you if:
  • You are willing to invest one hour a day for 28 days

  • You are ready to develop healthy habits

  • You want to make a real difference in your yoga practice and mindset

  • You are ready to take some time for YOU!


Sue, Core Academy alumni

I feel stronger and fitter than I have in years and so much lighter in my yoga practice and as a real bonus, my back pain has completely disappeared. Throughout, the support given by Jenn and the other course members has been invaluable.

This is an absolutely fantastic course and very accessible for all levels. Jenn has put together a skilful mix of drills and flows and although they are initially challenging I can vouch for the fact that at the end of the four weeks you will achieve beyond your expectations! 


Hanna, Core Academy alumni

I have looked forward to practicing every day! Jenn has encouraged me to try poses I wouldn't have thought possible. After 4 weeks my chaturanga feels strong and controlled, and an amazing byproduct is sculpted arms and shoulders and beginning to see some muscle definition in my legs.


The amount of work Jenn put into this course is a testament to how much she cares about every one of our yoga practices. Not only did I feel stronger, lighter and more confident by week four but my mindset with everything (on and off the mat) has benefitted. The community support is wonderful and the ongoing care Jenn gave us throughout, and now after we've finished is a real bonus. Thank you Jenn!   

Got questions? ...

Q: Is this course live or can I practice in my own time?
All classes are pre-recorded so you can practice in your own time.  Each day you'll have 4 short pratices to complete and you can decide in which order and at which time to practice them. Each week you'll get a downloadable course checklist so you can stay on track. You'll also have access to our private Facebook community to ask questions and get course support
Q: What equipment will I need?
Just a yoga mat and a blank journal or notebook
Q: Is this programme suitable for beginners?
Absolutely. This is an all levels course with plenty of options all the way through. If you have any pre-existing injuries or questions, please drop me an email to discuss here and I'll be happy to help
Q: How much time do I need to commit?
You’ll practice for a total of 60 minutes a day for 28 days. You can practice at any time of the day as the classes are pre-recorded and you can always skip some of the practices if you're short on time
Q: Where do I access the course and videos?
On our online studio that once you enrol, you will gain access to. You can bookmark that page in your browser and return to it when you need. All video lessons, recordings and documents are housed within the online studio
Q: Are the recipes suitable for everyone?
Alex, our in-house nutritionist has designed a wonderful vegetarian menu to support our practice. There will also be options for those following a vegan diet. If you have any other dietary requirements, please drop me an email at the time of booking and we'll be happy to offer alternatives for you
Q: I have a question ...
Great! Drop us an email at and we'll be happy to help.



Are you ready?

Click the enrolment link below and let's work together to welcome in a new chapter!

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