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10 Awesome Travel Tips for Yogis

I'm now moving into my seventh year of nomadic living and eighth year of teaching yoga and I've picked up a few tips along the way! I've been the chick who's carted a 3kg Liforme mat around Asia, gone to a 'vinyasa' yoga class only to discover I'm the only solo person in a couples only tantra workshop, I've been hit on mid handstand by sweaty guys with man buns and ripped the entire crotch of my yoga pants mid teaching. It's safe to say I've seen some questionable things but there is nothing more awesome than unrolling your mat in a beautiful tropical country. Whether you're on retreat with me this year or hopping off to a sunny destination for a week of R&R I've got you covered ... Invest in a Foldable Mat Alright back to the Liforme admission. Unless you are Kino McGregor you don't need a 'professional' yoga mat whilst travelling. Don't get me wrong, I love my sacred rectangular piece of rubber as much as the next yogi but when it comes to travelling, there is nothing worse than carting a heavy mat around, especially if you aren't staying put the whole time. Luckily there are now lots of really awesome travel yoga mats that fold meaning you can pack them into any shape of hand luggage. Try the travel ranges by Liforme, Jade and Lululemon for really grippy versions (essential for sweaty conditions) and as little as 1kg in weight Support Local Studios Get out there and take some classes in local yoga studios. Seek out locally run places and try our some differrent styles of yoga. You may find a brand new style you love and you'll be contributing your own little bit of awesome by giving back to the community. Tiger Balm For the Win An essential piece of kit, I absolutely swear by tiger balm to soothe aching muscles (read: chaturanga arms). Disclaimer: do not stick your finger anywhere near your eye after using! This little pot of awesome is always in my yoga bag and I love using it on students in savasana too. If you want to amp up your natural skincare game there are lots of DIY recipes you can find online. I started making my own last year and have got the recipe pretty fine tuned! Drop me a comment on Instagram if you'd like the recipe and I'll include it in next month's newsletter. The Power of Journalling If there is one thing you take on a yoga retreat make it this, and while you're at it, choose a ridiculously beautiful one with one of those slinky pens that you love to write with. Then simply sit down for half an hour every day and write ... whether it's gratitude journalling, reflections on the day or just random brain splurging, journalling is a game changer Treat Your Yoga Pants like Underwear! Write this down in your yoga journal... I.WILL.NOT.MACHINE.WASH.MY.YOGA.PANTS Unless your yoga pants are made of cotton (and even then keep it gentle), hand wash only ladies! Stretchy materials like Lycra, Spandex, recycled plastic bottles, twice blessed lungis from the banks of the River Ganges, do not do well with super hot washes. My tip? Post practice, peel those badboys off as soon as you can, handwash with lukewarm water and gentle eco handwash and air dry. You don't really want horrible bleachy chemicals near your lady parts anyway do you? Ditch the Plastic Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 5 years you'll be aware of the massive impact plastic usage causes. Luckly there are now many beautiful, eco friendly water bottles with cheesy yoga puns that will catapult you into the elite club of superyogis ... only kidding ... but you will be doing a lot to save the environment. And while you're at it, say 'no' to plastic straws and I'll love you forever. Balcony Space is Gold The first thing I ask when booking a hotel room, apartment, villa etc. Does it have a shaded balcony space big enough for a yoga mat. No. I'm not joking. Give Something Back In my opinion, any yoga studio worth going to will be organising regular events to give back to the community. Whether that's a beach clean or a charity yoga event like 'Yoga Stops Traffick' (we did this in this year's Goa retreat to raise money for human trafficking). Charity / community events are a great way to meet other people in the community and give something back to the country you're travelling in. They should be an essential part of your yoga journey. With love always, Jenn


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