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The Most Important Journalling Task You'll Ever Do

Be honest, how often do you get in your own way?

How often do you promise yourself that when you're fitter, richer, more experienced, have enough time, that you'll do all of those wonderful things you've been putting off for years? Or maybe it's simpler than that ... the little excuses that we make regarding our self care, which we know are really a load of BS. Case in point - if you have time to scroll mindlessly through Facebook for half an hour a day, you definitely have time for a daily yoga practice ;)

In a midst of infinite choices, sometimes its really hard to figure out what to do (or not do) to bring a little more joy and peace into our lives. Enter the most awesome (and fun) journalling task you'll ever do. This is going to take around 30 minutes, unless you get carried away like I do, in which case, brew a big pot of tea and I'll meet you back here in 5 :)

Get Comfy

Put on some comfy clothes, grab a beautiful journal and go to a favourite place in your home or outside. Sit quietly with yourself for a few moments and ask the simple question ... "if money and time were no object, how would I spend my day"

Plan It Out

Now on paper start designing your perfect day. So often we focus on big events and goals like winning a promotion, a 6 month sabbatical or meeting our life partner that we fixate on the future when real happiness and joy is only found in the present moment. By designing something as simple as one day, we are focusing on the beauty of reality, even the mundane stuff.

Get Detailed

Here's an example of how deep I want you to go with this ...

7am - wake up feeling energised and happy with my wonderful partner beside me. Tea in bed (which naturally he brings!) and the cats on my lap. No rushing around so I'm able to read a little or journal before getting up and starting my yoga practice

I want you to get really, really detailed. Imagine yourself in the moment. How are you feeling? Where are you? Who is with you or are you alone, happy in your own company"

Don't Worry About The 'Hows'

This is not a task in being realistic or rational, it's an exercise in indulgence! Write whatever you believe would make you happy and content. Remember, time and money no object so really let yourself be free to dream. We'll handle the details later.

And Now The Clever Stuff

Ok, take a break. Go and get that second cuppa and then sit down and read over your 'perfect day'. How does it make you feel reading it back, visualising yourself gliding through your day? Now use that excitement, that power to begin to identify steps to bring you closer to this life. Let's go back to my 7am example.

Begin in a long distance relationship, I may not be able to wake up with my partner every day but I can make sure that when we are together, we carve out time to enjoy the morning and make them special (he already brings me tea in bed - tick!). Cat's on the lap? Nope ... not yet, however we have the most wonderful Cat Cafe right near to his apartment which rescues cats, rehabilitates and re-homes them so we sometimes take out laptops and work from there with several on our laps, walking over our keyboards and spilling our coffees!

What am I getting at? You have the power to design your life. Stop putting it off and find ways to live the life of your dreams. Get creative, think outside the box, stop relying on others, stop waiting for 'miracles' and take control. Get up a little earlier to have a calm morning, treat yourself to a new scented candle, stock your fridge with healthy food, find an (ethical) cat cafe. But whatever you do, definitely make time for that yoga practice ;)

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