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The awesome power of NLP

Wow ... what a week! I have just completed the most amazing NLP course here in Goa, connecting with a beautiful group of eloquent, open and vibrant people as we support each other on this journey. For those unfamilar with NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming) it is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy which seeks to educate the practitioner in self awareness and awareness of others. Sometimes referred to as 'the difference that makes the difference' it is the study of the essence of the human experience.

Essentially it teaches you the about the immense power of language as a tool for openness, curiosity and transformation ... and how it shapes every aspect of our thinking and lives. It develops sensitivity, listening skills and authenticiy ... all the things I do my best to embody as a yoga teacher.

The learning has been profound and I not only feel better able to facilitate openness and change in others but most importantly, I am able to take the tools I have learnt to work on myself on the path to achieving my full potential. I have begun to truly realise my own gifts, to trust in myself at a must deeper level and let go of doubt.

My mantra for the week ... I have all the resources I need and I trust myself to guide myself.

For those who are interested in learning more about NLP, I highly recommend my mentor and friend Tristan Soames who runs retreats all over the world including Ibiza, South Africa, UK and of course my beloved Goa. Connect with him at

Have a beautiful week yogis and in the words of Tristan ... "go placidly" xx

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