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Read on for our planned workshops and join me for a deep dive into your practice!

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UK Workshops 2021
Return Home

Wow, has it really been 18 months?


A whole year and a half since our world was catapulted upside down? Since our beloved yoga studios closed, long awaiting retreats and trainings were cancelled and it was down to us to cultivate our own home practices? 


Those first weeks and months did you unroll your yoga mat in the corner of your living room and draw a total blank ... gazing at it as if it were a foreign object ... yup, at times, me too!

Whether you cultivated an awesome home practice during lockdown, took advantage of Zoom classes or if you haven't unrolled your mat in over a year (hey, no judgment here!), it's time to reclaim your practice.

In this very special three hour immersion, we go deep into a variety of awesome practices, nurturing our bodies with the yummiest of vinyasa flows, stretchy yin sequences and blissful restorative practices. We'll reconnect to the breath with pranayama, tap into our inner landscape through mindfulness meditation and join together with a mini satsang on yoga lifestyle and how to fit the practice into our busy lives. You'll leave with a smorgasbord of knowledge and understand how to piece these aspects of yoga together in a way that serves YOU ... body, mind and soul

Earlybird Tickets £30
(limited availability)

No upcoming events at the moment
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