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7 Things You Should Know About Your Yoga Teacher

1) Yoga still kicks our asses No matter what it may look like, we don't "magically float into arm balances". Sure it gets easier the stronger you get but it takes effort, not levitation! Our serene 'yoga smile' on the way up? Cunningly designed to coax you guys into giving it a go ... and loving it when you do! 2) We get distracted in meditation too You know that feeling after a lovely long meditation when you feel its time to close your practice? You surreptitiously open one eye to look at the clock and yep, there it is ... a grand super-yogi total of ... wait for it ... 2 minutes and 37 seconds. Whaaaaaaaa? 3) We listen to rock music, not Enya Contrary to popular belief we do not sit in the lotus pose listening to Indian tabla music all day. My current yoga playlist includes Lana Del Rey, Cold Play, Rhianna, Led Zeppelin and yep ... sometimes even a bit of Aerosmith. Its all about balance right? 4) Our wardrobe does not consist of the latest Lululemon kit Mine is made up of £1 cotton yoga pants picked up at market stalls in Thailand (on all of which, I have split the crotch and re-sewn them at least 5 times) men's vests (top tip to stop armpit chafing) and a yoga mat that has been clawed to death by my boyfriend's cat. 5) We frickin' love it when you finally nail 'that pose' We get so excited we actually want to 'high-five' you right there in the middle of class and do a lap of honour round the studio. Oh wait ... sometimes we really do! 6) You don't need to 'sneak off' for an apres-class vino "Mandy, I'll meet you in the pub in 10, the table out the back, I'll be wearing the huge sunglasses and baseball cap". We can see you ... not because of some strange yogi superpower. We're at the bar ordering a glass of red. 7) We miss being a beginner

Ahhhhh ... that feeling when you first touch your own toes, balance on one leg for a full 5 breaths, get into headstand without leaning your feet on the wall. They're all game changers, moments of sheer and utter joy ... and then they're gone. You always remember your 'first'. Enjoy the journey ... the destination will be here before you know it. With love, Jenn xxx

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