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I met Jenn some years ago and fell in love with her teaching on the first class. What a joyful caring brilliant teacher she is!!! I went to one of her retreats in Ibiza and It was the most magic energizing yoga week. She plans everything with so much love and competence. The way she passes on her knowledge and brings her heart into the daily yoga practice and happy healthy lifestyle is inspiring. Thank you for sharing the good vibes XxX

- Marina, Brazil

A beautiful week in Goa shared with wonderful warrior women and Jenn our amazing and inspiring teacher who really brought the magic to yoga ...creative vinyasa flows all themed on devotion, gratitude and letting go ... mixed together with beautiful poetry and philosophy and a kicking sound track !
I have a heart full of gratitude for Jenn for teaching me that everything experienced on my mat will strengthen me in life.
You really did 'blow the doors off' !


- Ellie, UK

Jenn is an amazing and gifted instructor. She teaches all levels expertly although her own practice is highly advanced. Her classes are a dynamic mix of warrior energy, deeply grounding and cleansing for the soul. Extraordinary


- Dani, USA

I wanted firstly to say to thank you for being such an amazing teacher – you really inspired me and I learnt so much from you. By far, you are the best teacher I’ve ever had because somehow after the classes the meditative state and calm I’ve felt came almost automatically, without effort and, now you’re gone, I realise that this is a very difficult thing to achieve


– Miss T, Germany

Just to say, thanks so much, I absolutely loved your classes at Bamboo Yoga in Patnem last Feb. I was there for two weeks, and it was my third yoga holiday, and the standard of all the teachers has been really wonderful. That being said, some styles/teachers just suit people, I was most impressed with the different way you used flow & warm up (by different I mean compared to other classes I’ve attended). I’ve had multiple back injuries (and other musculoskeletal injuries/sports injuries) and I work as a physiotherapist, so I suppose I have slightly better body awareness and anatomical knowledge than your average man on the street. And I really appreciated the structure of your class and also your teaching (verbal & physical cues), as it was all very physiologically & anatomically correct and would be extremely beneficial to anyone, including people who are recovering or have suffered injuries.

On top of that your classes were so much fun and challenging in a good way and a brilliant work-out, and all of that just combined into a very happy relaxed feeling after the class


 – Ms L, UK

After practising yoga intermittently for almost 10 years I can honesty say that Jenn is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Her classes are informative, light hearted, strong and great for all levels of practise. Jenn taught me during my first retreat in Morocco and all classes were throughly engaging and easy to follow with just the right amount of pressure to help me focus and drive deeper into advancing my practise. We also took part in Jenn’s very own hybrid dance yoga which was a great way to end the week!


- Miss M, UK

Lovely style – humorous, respectful, approachable. Enjoyed every single class – never thought I’d hear myself thinking ‘can’t wait for yoga!’ Jenn was such a great host as well as yoga teacher. She made it easy for the group to gel and have fun together. A really nice person. Life changing week


- Mrs G, USA



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