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the travelling yogi

Jenn originally hails from a dance and circus background having performed professionally for 12 years. Her yoga journey began as a way to rehabilitate the frequent injuries that are so common with professional dancers. In addition to achieving a stronger, more supple body, she quickly began to experience the profound effect that yoga has not just on the body but the mind… she fell in love with this ‘moving meditation’. Following the completion of an intensive teacher training at Himalaya Yoga Valley Goa in 2012, Jenn began regularly teaching vinyasa flow, ashtanga, power and hot yoga in her native Birmingham before taking a leap of faith in 2013 and quitting her job to travel the world and teach... she has been travelling and teaching full time ever since.  Jenn has since completed her advanced 500hr TTC in Vinyasa Flow with Brahmani yoga and earned the title of 'Experienced Registered

Yoga Teacher' having taught over 3500 yoga classes and 40 retreats in the past 6 years.


the travelling yogi

Following a year teaching in her native Birmingham, Jenn began her international yoga career in Morocco leading surf yoga retreats and has since taught extensively in the UK, Croatia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Africa, Ibiza and Spain teaching for established studios and running her own sell-out retreats. Jenn continues to enjoy her career as an international yoga teacher and currently leads monthly retreats in locations al over the world.


2019 sees Jenn leading 13 retreats worldwide including Goa, Bali, Croatia, UK and Ibiza and new retreats in Mexico, Greece and USA. In 2020 Jenn will begin running 200 Hour Teacher Trainings in her beloved Goa. Check out the Retreats page to practice with Jenn on the beaches and cities of the world.



Although trained in multiple styles including Ashtanga and traditional Hatha, Jenn specialises in creative Vinyasa Flow and Anatomical Skill Workshops. Her style continues to evolve as she immerses herself in the practice with incredible yogis and all over the world. She is passionate about making yoga accessible yet challenging and connecting her students to the practice’s higher purpose as a vehicle for self acceptance and gratitude. Her classes are a deep yet light-hearted exploration of the body and mind incorporating the flow and playfulness of her dance background, whilst staying true to the underpinning values of yoga and her studies in anatomy and physiology. Jenn's uplifting vinyasa flow classes take students on a creative journey, exploring the use of breath, body and awareness to create a beautiful flowing practice taught to a soundtrack of world music, soul and beats. In addition to vinyasa flow, Jenn also teaches ashtanga, partner yoga, yin yoga, gentle hatha and restorative yoga and gives specialist yoga workshops in core and inversion training. She is also a practicing Thai Yoga Masseuse certified with the internationally recognised Sunshine Network.



the travelling yogi

For Jenn, yoga is practice of awareness, self acceptance and gratitude, allowing the practitioner to approach life with a sense of joy and openness. She encourages her students to have fun exploring their infinite capabilities … after all, what your body is allowing you to do is truly amazing!

Many of us come to yoga in pursuit of a healthy and strong physical body and while flexibility, strength, stamina and athleticism are the wonderful products of our practice, we also begin to reap a whole host of other benefits. Yoga mirrors life and we come to the mat to develop the skills to live our lives with openness, integrity and compassion. In this way the practice of yoga has the power not only to keep us healthy and strong but to enhance our communities and heal the world.



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