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"A very special 2 day urban retreat in thriving Berlin combining vinyasa and yin yoga, breathwork, live music and sound journeying"


Yoga - Live music - meditation -

sound healing- Good Vibes



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Well hello Berlin! 

I am so very excited to be collaborating with my good friends Soneiro Collective for this incredible weekend immersion of yoga and sound. Ever since I had the pleasure to meet Alisa and Temple in Andalucia, and then in India, we've been dreaming up this event - an immersive blend of the very best of vinyasa and yin yoga, sound healing and breathwork in the Uber cool city of Berlin!

The Concept

This weekend urban retreat, led by 3 awesome teachers will take place at dock 11, in one of the most cultural areas of berlin. You'll experience two full days of yoga, breathwork and sound healing with an optional group dinner on the Saturday evening (very similar to our herfordshire set up)

Highlights include our signature vinyasa flows classes with the added awesomeness of a live dj, sound healing lead by super experienced practitoners and a holotrpoic breath workshop

come for the weekend or for a few days and experience all the vibrancy of berlin. Accommodation is plentiful and there is something for all budgets. if you need help finding accommodation, feel free to reach out!

We look forward to welcoming you to beautiful berlin! xxx

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Jenn Russell

yoga teacher, retreat leader, teacher trainer

Jenn Russell is a 500 hour advanced certified yoga teacher and teacher trainer with a true passion for her art. Her inspiring vinyasa flow classes take students on a creative journey through their practice, linking asana with creative transitions and uplifting music, delivered with humour and a sense of playfulness. Her gentle, restorative evening classes combine relaxing postures with the healing touch of Thai yoga massage, set to a beautiful soundtrack. 


Following the completion of two intensive yoga trainings, Jenn has spent the last 8 years teaching extensively in India, Bali, Morocco, UK, Croatia, Costa Rica, Portugal, Thailand, Ibiza and Greece, She encourages students to have fun exploring their infinite capabilities … after all what your body is allowing you to do is truly amazing!

Alisa Reimer


Alisa is trained yoga and meditation teacher, cultural scientist (M.A.), artist and writer. In Mexico she studied indigenous cultures, literature and theater; learned from different indigenous cultures, wrote as a freelance journalist for german and Mexican magazines and made her yoga teacher training. In Berlin she founded the non-profit organization YOGA FOR OTHERS e.V. to bring yoga and meditation to the people in need. In 2016 she opened the space for Soneiro Collective.

Since the age of 10, Alisa has immersed herself in the spiritual world and has been cultivating her own approach to it. Music is an essential part since that young age, which made her learn to play piano, driven by the enthusiasm to create metaphorical landscapes, images and fields in which inspiration, healing and connection can be created through sound and poetry. Since 2014 she has been giving individual sound sessions and accompanying people in their processes with sound and resonance.


Temple Haze


Temple is an American born composer, producer, yoga teacher and Reiki Practitioner. Known for his composition work and collaborations with various Berlin based artists such as Sam Shure , Narou & Oliver Koletzki , Temple also dives deep into sound design, film score composition, brainwave entrainment frequencies, meditation, breath work and ancient mantras; bringing the Berlin music scene and spirituality together in harmony

As co-founder and musical director of Soneiro Collective he holds space for music meditations and mantra singing circles portraying the best of his universal knowledge and empathic feeling for music. Understanding the connection of healing frequencies, resonance, intention, the power of the voice and science has always fascinated him, leading Temple to deepen his study of sound theory and healing.Temple is a multi instrumentalist specialising in guitar, piano, harmonium, drums, percussion, singing, toning, chanting, electronic production and creating meditation music. for more:



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09.00        Welcome

09.30        Guided Meditation

09.30        Meditation

10.00        Vinyasa Flow Practice with Live DJ

12.00        Break for Lunch

14.00        Yin Yoga

15.30        Journalling

16.00        Sound Healing

19.00        Dinner Out

*Optional group dinner at own expense*


09.30        Guided Meditation

10.00        Vinyasa Flow Practice with Live DJ

12.00         Break for Lunch             

14.00        Holotropic Breathwork

16.00        Elemental Ritual Dance 

17.30         Closing Circle

18.00        Goodbyes 


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*all prices are in euros

€275 + vat = €330



*after 10th May

€350 + vat = €415

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