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Jenn is an experienced, advanced certified teacher and has many years of experience designing yoga programmes for clients. Working one on one, we will assess your yoga practice and identify your goals to help take your yoga practice to the next level. Whether you are a complete beginner or a practiced yogi, we will design a programme to suit your needs. Sessions can be arranged at home or via Skype.


There are many reasons why people begin practicing yoga. For some it's to improve their strength and flexibility, for others it's to help to work through an injury. Maybe you need techniques to help reduce stress or simply take some well deserved time out for yourself. 


No matter what your reasons for practicing, we can design a bespoke programme to help you get there. Jenn has taught students from all over the world with a variety of focuses including:


  • Beginners classes to help master the basics

  • Injury prevention and recovery

  • Asana clinics for intermediate / advanced yogis

  • Stress / anxiety management

  • Designing programmes for those who want to begin practicing at home


A 2 hour full body experience. Following an email consultation to ascertain your needs, Jenn will create a one hour bespoke private yoga class followed by a one hour tailored Thai yoga massage to stretch and relax your body after practice. 


Thai massage is the perfect accompaniment to your yoga practice and Jenn will use the session not only to relax and stretch your body, but to find any imbalances in the body or mind which you can then use to further inform your practice.   


75 minute private class                       £70 | 80 euros  

75 minute Skype class                         £50 | 65 euros 

Yoga & massage combo 2 hours     £100 | 120 euros

Skype monthly membership             £180 | 250 euros

(one private class per week

plus online support)


Group bookings (2-30 people)         from £12 | 15 euros pp

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